Retailer Details

If you don't want to use the eTailPet subdomain, but instead want to use your own website to use the eTailPet ecommerce site, enter your website domain or subdomain you desire to use. For eg, or If you have a website, enter your website name without www. or .com
If you don't have a website, enter store name without spaces.
This will be the email to which all eTailPet communications will be sent. This will also act as the email address from which your customers will be receiving their emails.

Retailer Admin Details

Plan & Billing Information

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Supported Card Types

By submitting this information, you approve that your card can be charged.
Sensitive card information is never saved or stored by eTailPet.

What Next

Activation of subdomain

Your ecommerce website will become active and secure on the eTailPet subdomain in the next 24-48 hours. You will receive a confirmation email right after the activation.

Use a Domain You Already Own

If you want to use a domain which you already own, you can point that domain to your new eTailPet subdomain once the subdomain has become active. You may need the help of a System Administrator to do this for you.

Create your Stores

Once you login to the dashboard, head over to the Settings section.
Go to the tab named 'Stores'
Click on 'Add Store' to add your store details.

Choose a Pricing Plan

Subscribe to any of our plans to enjoy the benefits of eTailPet platform.

Add Products to Catalog

You can start adding products to your catalog from our vast collection of products.

Connect to Stripe to start accepting payments

In the dashboard, head over to the Settings section.
Click on the 'Connect' button to create a connected account on Stripe.
Provide your contact and payout information, and you'll be redirected back to your eTailPet dashboard on successful connection.