Getting Started with eTailPet is simple and easy! You’ll need a domain name, general information about your store, and a credit card. There is no infrastructure required. Start selling online with in-store pick-up.

eTailPet has three different plans. If you want a simple, less involved plan, choose the Basic plan. If you want the full kit, select the Integrated Marketing plan. Please refer to https://www.etailpet.com/home/pricing-plan/ for details on pricing. You can always upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime. There are no contracts or hidden fees.

eTailPet is dedicated to helping neighborhood retailers reach their communities on a digital level. Home delivery is an option and you can set the mile radius around your store for which shipping is available.

With eTailPet, you are in full control. You can choose the mile radius around your store where you will do home deliveries. For urban stores, it might be as small of a range as 3 miles, whereas for more rural locations, you might want to go as far as 15 miles around your store. You choose at what cart size the delivery is free. For example, you can choose to offer free home delivery for sales above $45. For sales under your minimum threshold, you can choose how much you want to charge for the delivery. You can change this at any time instantly in your dashboard.

Your eTailPet Retailer Dashboard has an online order management section to help you with these issues. When an online order comes in, your store will be notified. When the order comes in, it is set as ‘Ordered’ status. The first thing you should do is Separate the order and set it to ‘Separated’ status. This should mean to you that the order is ready to be picked up. When you are separating the order you will know whether you have the complete order or not. Just like you would with an in-store customer, if they want something you don’t have you can offer substitute products or simply tell your customer when you think the product will be back in stock. If when separating the order you realize you are out of stock of an item, contact the customer and offer them a substitute or let them know you don’t have it. You can refund that item from the order and keep the rest of the order, or if that was the only item in the order, then it is just a refund. Your customers are informed when they click ‘Complete Purchase’ that the order will be ready in 2 hours and that there is a possibility the items are not available in which case they will be refunded. Another important action item, is to go the catalog section in your retailer dashboard, find the out-of-stock product and mark it as do NOT show on website, until it gets back in stock.

Simply send an email to catalog@etailpet.com or submit your request via the catalog section in your retailer dashboard. We will review the item, find its information and add it to our catalog. We’ll send you an email or notification through your dashboard when the item is ready.

eTailPet Payments are powered by STRIPE. Currently, all eTailPet customers must integrate with eTailPet Payments. You will receive payments from your Online Sales from STRIPE and continue to receive credit card payments from your store through your existing credit card processor. STRIPE is one of the highest rated credit card processors for online payments. There are no hidden fees. You will know exactly how much you are paying in fees per transaction, no hidden costs. Plus, you will be able to take advantage of lower rates as all eTailPet retailers’ volumes are pooled together to get the best possible rate. STRIPE is free and has no monthly minimums. We encourage you to read more about STRIPE by clicking here.

No. On your retailer dashboard, simply turn off the home delivery option and offer only shop online, pick-up in store. It has been our experience that 80% of our retailers online sales that offer home delivery are shop online, pick-up in store.

eTailPet is a stand alone platform. We expect on average 8 - 15 sales per day, per retailer. You can choose to key in each online order as it comes in like you would an in-store customer, or you can choose to do one batch transaction for all of your online orders at the end of the day. However you choose to do this, eTailPet is here to help. There are tools in your dashboard available to help you connect your eTailPet platform with your existing POS. If you want automated capabilities, please email sales@etailpet.com for more information.

Yes. If you want to keep your existing website we can place a SHOP NOW link on your existing pages that link to the eCommerce pages for your site. If you want to move everything to one place, our web pages are very easy to configure. If you run into trouble along the way, we have a customer support team 24/7 ready to answer any questions and help you navigate through the process of setting up your website.

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